Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can we be on MTV Cribs now?

We have a crib! Courtesy of my step mom and my grammy, we have two big boxes leaning against the wall of the baby's room, one of them being the mattress and one of them being the crib.

As soon as we get the cat situation solved and get the windowsill painted we will be setting up the baby's room and putting his crib together.

My aunt told me that my cousin-in-law's mom would like to let us use the bassinet that the newest second cousin, Dotty, used. I am thrilled to bits by this, since it means he would have a bed for the first few days/weeks that was already full of love, family, and all those warm fuzzy feelings.

He has been kicking up a storm lately too, punching and jabbing me at all hours of the day and night. Especially when I go to lay down to fall asleep. I guess my sleep time is his time to wake up and demand some attention. So I talk to him, sing to him, tell him how much I can not wait to meet him!

Oh, speaking of family, when I was unpacking the gifts from my little bridal shower I found the picture that my cousins drew for me, a rat, a bear, a penguin, and a sticker saying "It's A Girl" and while it might not be a girl, I decided that this picture was the first one that should go up in Baby Boy's room. So, underneath the stuffed animal hanger I pinned the picture, on its sunny yellow construction paper. It makes me smile to see it in there, and get just a wee bit teary eyed since my family is SO important to me.

My mom wants to come visit in a month or so, and I can not wait to see her! She will get to see me looking like I am smuggling a beach ball and maybe even feel her grandson kick. I think she would like that.

We also decided that since the baby's room doesn't have the greatest of views, we would GIVE him a better view. It looks out onto a fence and the back of a grocery store. I want to paint him a meadow and some trees, maybe a bird or two, some clouds in the sky and a bright sun peeking out over them. Or maybe I will give him a beach view, with some grassy sand dunes and waves rolling in. I will just leave the "sky" of the picture blank, to let the light in. I remember when I was younger and my mom let me paint my bedroom window like that. It was exciting to give myself whatever view I wanted.

Oh, and the last thing I will share, before putting myself to bed, Dan and I went down to the courthouse today to find out what I needed to do about changing my name officially, and apparently I have been Mrs. Hegwood for a while now. I had thought I needed to do some paperwork, but all I need to do is call every single place where my name is on file and tell them it has changed. So my list of places will have to get started tomorrow. I think one or two calls a day until it is all done should be good enough.

Off to bed now, 6am comes earlier and earlier every day.

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