Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Month

Well, already time is flying by. Had another prenatal appointment yesterday. All is well! His little home for now measures about a week or two over where I am supposedly at, but that is normal since it isn't an exact science. I mean, someone holding a measuring tape across my growing belly really can't be all that exact in the first place!

Got to hear his heartbeat and it was just fine. He wriggled away from the Doppler thing they use to listen, this time I got to feel it.

Supposedly if I touch my belly I should be able to feel lumps that are him. I can't say that I have felt that yet, but my belly jumps and gets lumps when he kicks and punches.

I just have to remember that he is why I am putting up with some of the rough things I am dealing with. Each little nudge, each kick, each wriggle is why I am not eating bread, or sugar. Why I am sitting here, occasionally in tears, wanting an ice cream, or a pizza, a big thick piece of sourdough toast with butter and jam... It's so hard to not have things you want. Or to have a poor substitute. I did find sugar free cookies, but they still have flour of course, which is carbs... Sooooo, one small cookie, or four TINY cookies is a full snack, other than carb free options, but it is hard to feel full on cheese and salami, or green beans... unless you eat too much, then you just feel ill.

I tried making a lemon meringue pie thing today... it has a meringue crust with what is basically a small amount of normal lemon meringue filling whipped with whipped cream to fill it. It is sugar free, one pie is 8 servings, each serving only has 5 grams of carbs in it, and that is only cause i used real lemon juice mostly... it is actually pretty rich, and not half bad!!!! But it has to be one of the WEIRDEST things I have ever eaten.

Right now I am just killing time each day and counting down to meeting my little guy. I can't believe it is already February 12th. It seems like time is just zipping by, but then it seems to pause and it feels like June will NEVER get here!

One day at a time, as they say. It works for many aspects of life.

One more day sugar free, one more day closer to meeting my son, one more day... and this one is almost over.

And then I get to look forward to tomorrow.

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