Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just for me

I have given up all my vices.

No more grabbing a drink on the weekend, no more sugar, no more grilled cheese sandwiches (too much bread), no more pasta...

Until the gestational diabetes gets gone, I am left without a way to "treat" myself.

Always it was a bowl of ice cream, a hershey bar, going out and having a drink...

I have been trying to think of things to do to make me feel spoiled now, but I am at a loss. Everything I want to do costs money and that makes it a big NO-NO right now. No getting a massage, no shopping for fuzzy slippers, no more craft supplies.

I tried those no sugar low carb ice cream bars, but they just don't feel like a treat since you can tell the difference too easily.

I am trying to find something that can feel like a treat, for those days when I feel like I am giving up too much, or when I am stressed and just want to relax.

I hope I can find something before I go nuts.

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