Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hard Decisions

After much thought, and much debate, many tears and many discussions with people, I have decided to put my dog, Hope, up for adoption through a rescue agency.

She will stay with me as if I were a foster mom while they try to find her a home.

I have been honest about her full list of problems and hope she finds the best possible home for her. I just do not think it is fair to her to be in her corral all day long when I just do not have the energy to watch her.

Just today I left her alone for 30 minutes and in that time she raided the trash can, went potty on the floor twice, got into the OTHER trash can, and barked for 25 of those 30 minutes for no reason even with me hollering from in the other room to shush. (I left her out while I took a shower, not an unreasonable thing to do.)

It is not fair to her to be confined so much, and it isn't fair to me to have to follow her around with a roll of paper towels and cleaning supplies when she is out.

I have exhausted my knowledge of dog training, and exhausted the knowledge of many other people I know as well, even done hours of research online trying to find a solution. She won't potty train, she won't learn to go on a pad, or paper. She will chew off a diaper, or just refuse to walk when you put one on her. I just do not know what else to do. She will not stop barking, even if she gets a punishment (squirt bottle spray in the face) while she is barking, she will not make the cause and effect link that most animals will make.

It also isn't fair to my baby. When he starts crawling on the floor, I would have to put the dog away or risk her going potty in a place he is playing. I would have to stop playing with him to do the only thing I have found to get her to stop barking, I would have to put him down and go block the dogs view of whatever she is barking at. I also will not risk having her barking for half an hour straight while he is sleeping and disturbing his rest.

I hope she will get a good home, and I will not let her go to just anyone. But I have to do this. For over 2 years I have worked with her and tried everything I can imagine and it just simply is NOT working out anymore. There are too many changes coming for me to manage a baby, my own self, and a brain damaged Chihuahua who I can not even put on a tie up outside for an hour without risking her either hurting herself, eating something harmful, or any other number of things.

I also will not put my baby at risk of an unsanitary house. If she happened to pee and I didn't see it in time... I don't want my baby crawling through dog pee. I don't want her to be running about playing, then stopping and pooping without any warning like she does. Not with a baby who will be roaming about the floor very soon.

I can not even take the dog for WALKS of more than a block without her breaking down and needing to be carried, so I wouldn't even be able to bring her to the park when I take my baby for walks.

So, she is going to be posted on http://www.familydogsnewlife.org/ soon hopefully and I can begin the process of finding her a home with someone who will love her as much as I do, but be able to work with her on her issues and give her the patience and time that I just no longer have.

This is so hard to do, but I really do not see any other option that is right for me or Hope.

Until she goes to her new home, she will be with me still. I will just be a foster mommy instead of a normal mommy. I am trying not to feel too guilty about this decision. I really think that it is for the best, as hard as it is.

Wish her luck in finding a new place!!! I know I am!

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