Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gym Daycare

I turned 30.

I joined a gym.

It has a pool and an aqua fit class. It also has daycare.

Someone I know thinks that if I put my son in that daycare for one hour three times a week he will be abused by the people, treated poorly and neglected or something like that. AFTER I had just mentioned on Facebook that it was HARD to leave him there, in the care of someone other than family for the first time. I opened up and said I was scared, and she tries to tell me that terrible things will happen to him there????

To her I say shush. Shush and keep the scary things to yourself. I considered the scary things. I thought about it all. I talked to the manager, My mom talked to someone else who had a kiddo in the daycare, and I decided that one hour, three times a week was ok to leave my kiddo in there. Not all day, not for three hours while I ran around doing errands... one hour while I got a little work out.

Today, with 15 minutes left of my class the woman from the daycare came to fetch me from my class because Liam was crying and could not be comforted. So, I got out of the water, dried off as fast as I could and got back into the daycare.

This woman had my baby and another little boy snuggled in her arms rocking them back and forth trying to calm them down. She was doing her job and doing it well. Her co-worker had a sad little girl who she was comforting and the older kids were all trying their best to help soothe the babies.

So... I think its ok. They care. They try to do the best they can.

I WILL speak to the manager that perhaps another employee in there might help a lot, but they did their job. I did not walk in to find him sitting there screaming all alone.

I know there are bad people in the world, I know that bad things happen. But we need to stop being so afraid. We need to let go and stop hovering. If we are always there, then our children will expect us to always be there, and the day that we are not there they will be lost without us.

I think this is a good first step. If it seems to be too much, then I will only do two day a week.

But I weighed my options, I made an educated decision.

I don't care if you wrote a paper on the horrid things that happen in gym daycare centers. Did you talk to people who praised the care givers? Or did you just listen to the ones who had bad things to say?  Did you take into account how people can see the same situation in different ways?

Did you think about maybe I am a mama who thinks and that perhaps I did my research and found the place to be acceptable and the people caring?

I don't know how you wrote your paper, but you don't know how I decided on a gym... so keep your mouth shut.

I know that I did.

I DIDN'T send you the three page letter calling you out on saying scary things to me. I deleted it, and then I deleted your post.

And I am going BACK to the gym tomorrow, and Liam will go back to the daycare tomorrow, (only two days in a row because I am meeting with a personal trainer) and once more I will trust them and keep on trusting them as long as they prove to be trust worthy.

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  1. You made a good decision. Anytime we aren't in control of our children can be scary. There are always "what ifs?" But what is for sure is that Liam needs a healthy mama. I think it is wonderful they paged you- a lot of times they simply let them cry. You are with him 24/7 an hour here and there may be just what you both need.


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