Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hope got fixed yesterday. YAY! After years of me being terrified of doing that to her because of her issues, her new mommy just happens to work for a vet who has experience with broken doggies and can work with them.

So she got the full treatment, pain killers and all... She is now resting as comfy as she can be. She is of course a little sore and she makes these sad little whiney grunts when she is feeling ouchy but wants to move. They gave me some pain pills for her to take and she will get one this morning after I get back from my appointment. I gave her one last night and she still seems groggy from it, so I think its still working.

She is recovering here with me, as this is her more comfy place for now. Then, she goes to her new home soon. They are just the nicest people... I know she will do well there.

Plus, they are totally ok with me going to see her from time to time... and that makes me happy.

Dan and I went swimming last night. I think I might have overdone it on the exercise. I spent last night hardly sleeping cause my hips hurt so much I actually wanted to cry when I needed to roll over in bed to get the pressure off of one of them. I spent the night whimpering and just trying to find that ONE comfy spot and getting maybe 40 minutes of sleep before my need to run to the bathroom would wake me up. Then I just started it all over again.

I think I might nap today.

Well, time to head off to my next appointment. Get the non-stress test and get him checked up on. And not forget to mention my sore hips, my headache and some other issues... Just to make sure that my agony doesn't mean anything bad for my little man.

I'll deal with pain, I just want him to be ok.

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