Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pick a Pediatrician

I am going through the rather small list of pediatricians in my area and looking for a good one for my baby.

There is one that looked promising, but when I called them at 2pm on a Tuesday the phone bounced me to something that said it was an answering service, but after the recorded message said that if I stayed on the line I would be transferred to the operator or the doctor on call. This was after the message about how if this was a call about non emergency situations I should hang up and call back during normal business hours.

But, their hours are 8am to 5:30pm Monday - Friday.... How can 2pm on a Tuesday not be during normal business hours? I just wanted to ask them some questions.

I guess I will try to call back tomorrow, but if I get the same response I suppose I should find another place cause that just seems off to me. The problem with that idea is that there are not really any pediatricians within a reasonable distance to me. These guys are one of the few that are not over 30 minutes away.

Yuck, I hate trying to figure out stuff like this. I just want a good doctor for my little guy.

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