Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Too much fun!




Just fun things I found for being a parent. Good for a laugh, although I think I might want that baby book.... I bet its super cute. I don't know if I need the manual, but I wonder about that full list of 50 things I should let him do.......

I mean, I remember licking a 9 volt battery. With my moms encouragement. That was a shock. Thanks mom! (no, I mean it, it was an interesting learning experience.)

But I wonder about that... I hope I don't turn into one of those super paranoid moms who won't let their kids eat dirt and run barefoot down the sidewalk. I mean, its true... if you keep them too clean they won't develop any resistance to germs!

I ate sand. I licked a snail, my mom SWEARS I licked the dogs nose... and I turned out just fine! Ok, so maybe I am a little strange, but health wise, all I really have is mild asthma and a mild allergy to cats.

So I really hope I will follow my moms idea of the dirtier you get, the more fun you had!!!! And I know even if I try to keep the little monster clean, my own mommy would have him rolling in the dirt!

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  1. LOL! Your mom is wonderful! I raised my boys the same way, the way my mom taught me. You can't keep them clean anyway. Dirt is good for kids.

    Strange is a GOOD thing, Jessie. Who wants to be nice and boring?

    Mama J.


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