Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time, time, time

I need more ways to kill time.

I have crocheted through tons of yarn, watched 5 seasons of Bones and various other shows, I play games and lose my patience, and I have even lost patience with my books. I think I have read all my books too many times.

Waiting for each day to end feels like it takes forever. But each day does finally end, and then I am one day closer.

I wish time would just fly by, I wish I could go to sleep for a week and let it pass by. I want to see my little guy.

I have never been the most patient person, but this is like being a kid and waiting for Christmas and your birthday and a trip to the amusement park ALL AT ONCE. You know its coming, you know its going to be more fun than anything else in the world, but its still so far away.

There are just too many hours in the day.

Later on I am sure I will feel there are not enough hours. I wish I could save some of these excess hours for when I need more time.

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