Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Ready

6 weeks till the due date. He could be early, or a little late... but either way, about 6 weeks to go.

I remember when I was just 6 weeks along. Scared to death, just found out one week before that this all was happening. I was reading anything I could find about what on earth was going to happen during this whole mess.

Now, I feel more like I am ready for this. Not just the birth part, but the whole being a mom part. I have clothes for him, blankets, socks and little hats. I have things planned out as much as I can before seeing what is going to really happen.

I am ready for this. I know I won't have to do it alone either. I have my Dan. I have my mom, and my family, and Dan's family who are now mine. I have neighbors and friends, aunts and cousins. I have this whole group of people who probably won't be able to stay away! And I will use that help for sure!

All I have left is to gather up a few odds and ends for him, and pack my bag for the hospital. I know its still 6 weeks to go, but I want to be ready. I want to be ready for when I have to say "Dan, honey.... time to go" and he can just grab the bag as we waddle to the car. I wonder how he will be when this all happens. I think he will probably be calmer than me. He is good like that.

So we are all ready now, just waiting on the little guy at this point.

I have a few things to do in the mean time, like finding a web cam to put up and setting all that up. And I have tons of baby clothes to wash. (no offense people who sent them, i just wanna wash 'em so I KNOW for sure all is well.) I have yarn to make into hats and booties and blankets, I have Sculpey clay to make into little things, just cause that will keep me busy while I wait. I can clean the house even more.... *sigh* when I get the energy to MOVE.

I'm ready.... I think Dan is ready... Little guy, its up to you now, just figure out when you are ready, we'll be waiting.

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