Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black and Blue!

We had a busy day.

We woke up, made coffee, then Dan called a bunch of places looking for a pick and pull with a car that matched mine.

Down in Sherwood, about 45 minutes away we found a 2000 Saturn, and they used the same body on that one as for mine, so we got the hood. Its blue. Not black like mine. And it had a little dent in it. But it works.

So we got that switched out for my hood and then headed back into Portland for our ultrasound.

I will find out in the next week how things are going with his size, but one of the things we got for this ultrasound is a NEW picture!!!

We couldn't get a good one of his face for a while, we finally got an ok one, then she whips out this other ultrasound wand and the picture on the screen looks like a whole bunch of nothing for a while, then she hits a button and.....

Poof, there he is. A 3D image of my little guy with his hand up across his cheek.

Now we are home, and dead tired. I am nuking some dinner and trying to decide what I am going to do with the rest of the night.

But I wanted to be sure to share that little face with everyone.

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