Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Wooper

I took Hope to her new home today. The lady is really nice and she seems genuine. I will be going to check on Hope in a week. I want to make her a blanket and some toys to have.

Plus a toy for the lady's other doggie, she has a pug who seems thrilled to have a buddy.

I hope all goes well for her. I'll miss that dumb little dog, but its better for everyone.

After that Dan and I went to the store and got some things we needed. One of those shelves that goes over the potty, and a mirror for the shower for him. We also got some of those neat canisters for the kitchen, to keep stuff in and some sort of fancy cheese grater that might take off some layers of skin if you use it wrong. We also stopped to get a rug for the living room floor and one for the baby's room.

The kitchen looks so empty without Hope's kennel and corral in the corner to fill it up. But she now has more space to run.

I know we will get a dog again, but this time it won't be a damaged one. I need a normal dog, not one that I have to diaper and stress out about. Maybe a corgi, or something else small and trainable. Something that is good with kids, so my little guy can have a doggie buddy. Every kid needs a dog to grow up with. It teaches them compassion and love, devotion and how to care for something else.

Plus there is always the lesson of the little boy who was asked why animals don't live as long as people do. His reply was "Because they already know how to love." I want my boy to grow up knowing that unconditional love that a dog can give. And some day I will get a bigger dog again. A lab or weimeriner, one of those nice devoted bigger dogs that keep you company when you go walking in the creek or hiking around in the woods. Just like my Rosie dog did with me.

I know its not goodbye forever to Hope, the lady promised I can see her again and come visit, and I know I will do that. So, goodbye for now Wooper, see you soon my little dumb doggie. Enjoy your new family and be good to them.

Edit: After just 4 days the lady decided that Hope was not a good fit for her family and asked me to take her back. I am now once again looking for a home for her. 

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