Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smuggling Basketballs

With a nod to my friend Andrew Hughes, and his lovely wife Jessica,


This tummy is getting huge.

So, we got the car fixed enough to be driveable. Which means I can go back to work, but when I called them to tell them that, they decided that even though I can go back, they are cutting my hours back to working just 2 days a week. Since they want the other guy to see if he can handle my job. He already is annoyed at the same things that drove me nuts. The lack of supplies and lack of anyone who gives a damn about that.

My most recent prenatal visit was yesterday and all is well. He is measuring about the right size with the not-so-perfect test of stretching a measuring tape over my belly. So, since this time I had the GOOD midwife (Luv you Lisa!!!) she decided to do another ultrasound just to make sure he is not growing too fast.

She also was reviewing my chart and found some orders for lab tests that no one else had paid attention too and so they had never been drawn. So next Wednesday when I go in for the ultrasound, afterward I get to go across the hall and get more blood drawn. I actually think its kinda fun now, cause I can make the other phlebotomists nervous if I tell them that thats my job too, so I wait until after they are done, then they all want to know if they were any good.... *sigh* didn't anyone teach them that 80% of being a phlebotomist is confidence? 20% is skills, the rest of it is KNOWING you are good enough. Since you ARE sticking needles in people... you BETTER think you are the best dang phlebotomist in your state, just to have that confidence to put your patients at ease.

And in other news, I finally got some pictures onto this computer of the baby's room, so without making you all wait...

 And here is the crib and the lovely glider chair,

 And finally, just because I can, daddy putting the chair together while I folded baby clothes,

 It is so much fun to get his room looking like a baby's room.

And thank you Dad and Kathy for the chair and the changing table. Thank you Grammy Wanda for the crib, Thank you Saskia and Bob for the bedding, Thank you Mommy for the chair and the swing, and Thank you Wanda.Damian (Jean) for the cute lamb chair (took me a while to figure out who that was from! I finally found the order slip in the package!) Oh, and Grammy Wanda again for clothes and toys and books, Aunt Jean for the cute outfit, Nicole for the sleepers and swaddling wraps and that great blanket... And for my Aunt Judy, who showed me how to read a pattern well enough to crochet baby booties. I'm working on writing my own pattern for booties now that I learned how to start them. And for Barbera, for the bassinet that has held many an adored family member in it for their first few weeks... it warms my heart to think about putting my little guy to sleep in that on his first night home.

In this adventure I am starting on, I am just so grateful for my family and friends, and all the people who have given us their time and energy and friendship... You all are making this a warm and happy home for my little guy. Thank you.

Next post: More pictures, and maybe ultrasound ones too!

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