Saturday, March 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, Raven got a new home today. I found her a place with a disabled veteran. He seems really nice, and she took to him right away.

It was hard though. I feel a lot of guilt that I could not make the cats get along. I tried anything and everything that I could think of, but it was not getting better, only worse. Then for her to attack me, it made me worry about the baby.

In the end Dan even agreed with me that this was best for everyone. I know it broke his heart, and it broke mine too.

The guy, Stephen, said to stay in contact with him, that we are welcome to see her any time. I think I might take him up on this. He even offered a hand of friendship to me and Dan, and I appreciate that. I think he needs friends, which is why he wanted a cat.

So, I think things will calm down around here a lot, and within a few days Katchoo will be able to see that she can leave her box and not be attacked, she will get use to Tulip I believe... Soon enough all the pets in our home will be at peace.

I went back to work today after a 2 week break due to the car, and then B* changing my schedule around. I am ok with just working weekends, it won't be so bad. It was nice to see the people there again. Even if the patients seem to have gotten weirder and more complainy. But hey... its something. Right?

I get my next ultrasound on Wednesday and hopefully will have some new pictures to post then. For now, the one and only outfit that I HAD to get for my little guy myself. We have been holding off on buying ANYTHING until we see what others are giving as hand me downs and other gifts, but this was too good to pass up on.
My Puppy! Official Best Friend!

More to come soon. Send your good thoughts and wishes to Raven, and Dan. I know everything will be ok, but its still hard to say goodbye.

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