Friday, June 4, 2010

Home again, Home again

We made it.

He was born at 10:05pm on June 2nd, 2010. 8lbs 1oz, 21 inches long.

Here he is getting his first weigh in.

After that we went off to a much smaller room, and we got to get to know him a little bit more before we got a couple hours of sleep in between trying to feed him and learning how to change him.

Second day was just getting use to everything, and then the second night was rough. He wouldn't sleep in the little crib thing they had for him, so he was fussing and I would just get him to sleep then lay down and get comfy when he would wake up. So I actually didn't get any sleep until 5am when Dan woke up and took over keeping him happy for a bit.

They are bonding really well, they even took a nap together this afternoon.

Then we did some medical stuff. Heel sticks and hearing tests. He passed the hearing test fine, but the heel stick took 5 pokes to get enough blood, he didn't want to bleed! Poor little guy!

But we recovered well enough and then got discharged.

Headed home and got settled in a bit, I gave Liam a feeding, then took a bath. And now I finally get to check my e-mail, post an update here and then see if little guy will lay down for a nap. Can't let him get too use to sleeping on us, or every night will be like last night!

I will try to get Dan to set up the web cam soon, it got delivered while we were at the hospital.

Might even do a post about some of the labor and delivery stuff before it fades from my mind.

Glad to be home with my little guy!!!!!  

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