Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Update

All is well for the most part.

Liam nursed for a bit last night, but decided once again that it was not for him.

I worry about keeping up with his demand, I think he is going through a little growth spurt.

But he is eating and sleeping and being cute and cranky in between. Normal baby stuff.

We finally got his insurance info sent to us, so I will get to call on Monday and make an appointment for him to be seen and have someone evaluate him and check on his weight and what not.

I know he has passed his birth weight, we got him weighed on Wednesday (two weeks old) and he was 8lbs 7oz. So a full pound more than his going home weight, and 6oz more than birth weight.

His grandma Julie is here visiting, and while I can not say he has been on his best behavior, he has not been totally rude! (I'm sure those moments come later, once he can talk...)

And of course she is making him all these lovely knit gifts! Booties and a hat and this beautiful blanket... oh the blanket is lovely!

We are going to try to get out into Portland today and go to Powell's.

Dan and I looked for a baby sling to carry him in, but since all of them have been recalled right now the best we could do was this cloth thing that makes a little pouch for him. It works though.

Of course, our first outing using it yesterday and within 2 minutes of getting into the store he decides he is hungry and then poops. So I have him sideways in it, holding up him and a bottle while he eats and I look at yarn. Then of course its a craft store with no public restroom to go change him in.... so I have to deal with a cranky Mr. Poopy Pants. But we survived!

Powell's should be better since they at least have a bathroom I can change him in and places to sit if I need to feed him.

*sigh* and here I thought I would be able to just nurse him anywhere, and I am fighting with bottles and pumping and feeling like I just can not keep up with his demand. I could a few days ago, but I think either he is eating more or I am making less.

Good thing we have some stored in the freezer. I was making TONS for a while.

Oh well, I'm sure it will all balance out somehow.

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