Thursday, June 10, 2010


I finally have sleeping figured out. I think... in between feedings and snuggles and changings and everything else, I managed to get enough sleep the last couple nights. There still are the midnight feedings of course, but they are easier to do when I have gotten some napping in.

But before I head off to bed tonight I wanted to post some pictures I have gotten of my little guy so far.

I can post the silly one.....

 And I can post the snuggly in the blanket with mommy one...

 And the hand holding one...

 And the last one, before I head off to sleepy land... The best picture of him so far. (in my opinion)

I know that isn't a real smile yet. But it is a foreshadow of all the smiles to come. You can see in his face how cute he will be as he gets a little older, and somehow, this picture just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He just seems to glow. His skin looks so soft, his hair a little messy, you can see the line of his cheek finally, he doesn't have it all smooshed up... I look at him here, and just like every time I see his face, I fall in love all over again.

 I can not wait to see how he grows, I just don't want it to be too fast!

I am making sure to get at least ONE picture a day on the semi-good camera, and quite a few on my iPhone... But I don't want to live my life looking through a camera lens. So intent on capturing the perfect picture that I miss all the perfect moments with my son. Tthe pictures here and there will have to be enough, since I want to be looking at him with MY eyes. The pictures I get might be a bit grainy at times, they might be fuzzy or a bit out of focus, but to me, they are just fine, since it means I am busy being his MOM and not his photographer.


  1. Just sleep when he sleeps and you will be just fine:)

  2. Yup. I nap when he sleeps, when I can. Right now he is semi asleep and I am eating lunch. I was so hungry I felt kinda sick since he had been a little needy this morning.

    But he is a GOOD baby!


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