Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have wanted banana cream pie for DAYS now. It just sounded SO fantastic, but I needed a way to make it a BIT more healthy. So I wanted to share my idea to make a banana cream pie smoothie.

Its not exactly the same, but it works!

Bananas (duh)
Vanilla yogurt
One scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
pineapple/orange/banana juice

throw all that in the blender in whatever measurements make sense to you.


mmmm, its like a banana cream pie!!!

wow that made me happy. I feel so much better with my banana cream smoothie/milkshake thing.

just wanted to share that.

In other news, I wanted to go find a baby book today, so I looked at Michael's arts and crafts, but it seems the scrapbooking thing has taken over the world. I would try it, but to make it look really cool you need all sorts of expensive things! So I will pass on that and try a book store next.

I thought about the wedding a bit when I saw the wedding stuff at Michael's, and mostly it made me glad that I'm doing this thing small and tame. I don't even want to THINK about half the stuff I saw there! It all feels like this whole thing is going to be too big, too much, to huge and insane.

Ah well, I guess I just go along for the ride.

Sent off my application for the Oregon Health Plan today, so sometime in the next 45 days I will find out if I am eligable for the plan and if I get to go to the hospital I want to have my baby at. Too bad a birthing center is NOT on their list of places I can have a baby. I just want to get in for my first check up!!!

Not to mention that first ultrasound... *glee* little heartbeats and tiny little person!

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