Monday, October 12, 2009


I've started having weird dreams. Like the one I had during my nap yesterday, that someone kept trying to touch my belly and they wouldn't stop even when I asked them to. So I had to punch them in the face. But then they said I assaulted them and called the police on me. It was way weird for a dream.

Today I go down to the WIC office to see if I qualify for help with food. I hope I do since I need to be eating healthier but that is so expensive! I also sent in my application for the Oregon Health Plan on Saturday, and I should hear from them before 45 days pass. That seems like an awful long time to be waiting. Hopefully it comes sooner than that.

But my step mom sent me a sweet card today, and in it some fun gift cards. The Olive Garden card is sounding REAL good for dinner some night... do that never ending soup and breadsticks deal. I'm sure my lima bean would love that.

Dan made me chicken curry noodles last night, that was wonderful! He is such a sweetie and so helpful. I really appreciate him. I hope I tell him that often enough.

Today ends the 2 day ban on talking about the wedding, so maybe I can bug him about it tonight and get a guest list from him and we can pick the location so that me and Kathy can start planning the whole thing! I'm excited. Nervous too... But mostly excited.

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