Monday, October 26, 2009

on and on and on

I am getting my appetite back, YAY! Made nummy pasta tonight!

And I went out and tried on some dresses today, for the wedding. And I finished the invitations and am getting ready to send them out! Just collecting addresses.

So, wanna see the dress?

yup. Me in a wedding dress. Its not the best look on my face, but I LOVE the dress!

I will be going to try on one in my actual size on the 7th of November when my step mom comes up to help me with the dress thing. we might go try other ones on, but i think i like that one best.

I also got the paperwork for the Oregon Health Plan all turned in today, so that will be good to finally have. Then I get to go get my check up and see how the kiddo is doing. *fingers crossed*

I am just so happy too, and Dan's family is being so wonderful and welcoming to me, it makes me feel so good to know that they are happy about this.

I can't wait to meet his mom and dad when they come to the wedding.

My mommy is coming up to visit in a couple weeks, i am excited to get to see her. And my grandma too, they are coming to see my cousins new baby, who I also want to see. I just have not had the time yet, so I will make the time when mom is here to go see my new cousin Dorothy (Dotty).

So thats all the news for now!

All is going well for me, and im just happy that I feel like eating!!!

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