Tuesday, October 20, 2009

can't eat, can't sleep

Title says it all. I also am feeling drained, stressed, overwhelmed, cranky and weepy.

Work is making me nuts, calling me in at 10pm, which means I don't get home till after midnight, then I have to wake up at 5:45am to get back in there.

I just want a real weekend. But even on my so called days off, I still have the person who covers for me asking me about stuff over the phone.

Oh, and I want a bra with metal shielding. I swear, if I even LOOK at them funny, they hurt. Forget about having the cat launch himself onto them at 2am. *sigh* That was the quickest kitty launching out the door ever.

But I think I have a SMALL solution to the eating thing, I can DRINK! So I am drinking lots of stuff with fruit in it, and TRYING to eat when I can.

One more month to go, then it gets easier. Thats what they all say. I hope they are right.

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