Thursday, October 22, 2009


We went and looked at two houses over the last two days. And house two looks GREAT! Its older, but wow it looks to be in decent shape for being lived in for 70 years. It needs some new paint and some work done, but its not that bad.

Im almost ready to get the stuff together for my OHP application. Which would be nice to have.

Besides all that, i need to start making calls about my cake and flowers for the wedding. I need to get the dang energy to DO that though. It feels like a HUGE task right now.

But I need to get that going so that it actually CAN happen. Oh, and work on designing my wedding invitations. I got the paper to print them on, and Kathy bought me a new printer to use! It's so nice, I am so excited.

But for now, just uploading some pictures of the house to send to mommy, then going to bed.

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