Monday, October 5, 2009

The start of week 6

Well, at least thanks to I know I am not a freak. One of the symptoms of this whole pregnancy thing is increased sense of smell. I guess this is why I smelled a banana at 15 feet, smelled my dirty socks from yesterday halfway across the room, and why I am stocking up on mint gum. So far it seems to help kill that sense of smell so I am not wrinkling up my nose all the time.

Now, quick aside, WHY do they call it a symptom? Lack of a better word perhaps. I mean, if you have a flu, you have symptoms. If you have a disease, you have symptoms. I guess they could call it a side effect? I mean, being pregnant is not a disease you have symptoms for! Things like being a super-sniffer, feeling pukey, peeing all the damn time... those are just lovely little things that go along with the little lima bean inside me.

As far as the nausea thing goes, I have not lost my lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) yet, but I do have those "Oh no, no no no, no, please don't let me puke" moments from time to time.

But I have wanted to eat EVERYTHING! One reason, the kiddo, the other reason though is that I can smell so much better right now, as long as it smells GOOD to me, it also tastes good too. I mean, it tastes GOOD! I wish I could have a buffet of my favorite foods in front of me RIGHT NOW so I could eat everything with this super sense I now have. But I do get it for 8 more months, enough time to eat everything I want to try.

My sweetie, Dan, has been wonderful too. With a smile and a comment about not testing his culinary skills TOO much, he says he will make me soups and nummy things to eat at home! I've already put in some requests! (And he already made me these great curry noodles from a cookbook I got him as an early birthday present.)

My little lima bean has also been the cause of some funny feeling not-quite-cramps that I thankfully discovered are totally normal. But they really feel funny and make me jump up when they hit.

On the more not-so-fun side of things, I am waiting on my application to the Oregon Health Plan, and as we speak (as I type?), sitting on hold with WIC so I can get some food assistance. Also, we are starting to look at apartments around here and becoming discouraged. The move in fees alone would amount to 3 months worth of rent! But with a little hope and some real looking we might be able to find something.

I also made the mistake of looking at baby stuff. Strollers, car seats, cribs, changing table... *sigh* so much money. But, really, who needs a changing table? The bed works just fine if you put a blanket down. And a stroller? HAH! I'm sure I can just get a little red wagon, right?

After spending some time crying, I decided to just let go for now. Just try to relax and not think too hard about it. There is no sense worrying about what I can't change right now, and in the end, I know everything will work out for the best.

Oh, to end on a lighter note, I told my Aunt Judy about all this yesterday and she was happy for me. Just talking to her made me happy, and seeing how excited she was to get to tell my cousin and his family about it made me feel like maybe this will all turn out ok.

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