Wednesday, October 7, 2009

soooo sleeeeepy

Just like the title says, sleepy.

Reading blogs and info about being pregnant says this normal, but oh how I wish for even a fraction of my energy back. I feel like I am dragging my legs through lead to stay awake, then other moments I am awake like normal and just fine.

I'm also noticing my hunger patterns changing. Before it was a slow build up to being super hungry, I had time, an hour or so before I was ready to gnaw at anything I could get into my mouth. Now it's about a 15 minute time lapse between when I go "huh, I'm hungry" to wanting to eat anything I can get my hands on. I bet this is why they think pregnant people eat weird things, they just get so hungry that ANYTHING resembling food gets to be eaten, even if it happens to be munching on a pickle while you get yourself that bowl of ice cream you REALLY wanted, just to keep you from screaming in frustration at how long it actually takes to scoop a bowl of ice cream. Or snacking on while you wait for your dinner to finish cooking. This morning I had yogurt for breakfast, and rice cakes, then more yogurt on the ride home after 2 hours at work. I got home, fell asleep again, woke up and all in the same moment I was hungry, had to pee, was dying of thirst and STILL felt like falling asleep. THAT was a confusing set of feelings. is telling me that I get to look forward to hair growth on my head increasing, but also hair growth in other places too, or even NEW places. As long as I don't have a hairy back or anything, I don't see a problem.

I'm waiting for a copy of my birth certificate to come and then I need to make a copy of some cards and I can apply for the oregon health plan. which i will be really glad for when i am OK'd for it. I want to find a doctor and get to know them while I still have time to find another, just in case!

Also my sweetie and I started talking about some wedding plans, decided on a few things, but nothing that will give us a date or location yet. I wish I felt like I had the energy to plan a wedding. I really do, but I think I might have to just get my stepmom in on this and my aunt and let them help me out.

So i guess that's it for today! I'm going to go raid the fridge and see what I can find! Sooooo hungry.

And then, i think its naptime again.

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