Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sick, sleepy and OMG I am even annoying myself

i have been feeling sick for the last 4 days now, not too much time when I don't feel ill.

between bouts of THAT, I have been trying to gather up the stuff I need for the Oregon Health Plan, that I need to qualify but that they neglected to SAY in the application I HAD to have.

I did qualify for WIC and got the first of my vouchers, but found that not only do they have some VERY strict rules, but you have to buy things like Milk in 2 gallon increments, so you better have fridge space! Oh, and it isn't even enough food to make a real meal out of, unless you can fill yourself on just beans and milk. It isn't even enough food for a WEEK for a single person and nothing to make a decent meal out of without having to spend your own money on the expensive parts of the meal, like the meat. But I suppose anything helps. Oh, and you also better have time to cook!!! Cause the only things you can buy are dry beans, brown rice, raw sweet potatoes or yams, which need to cook for a long time. And the only bread you can get is TEENY TINY and hard to find in stores. You can get frozen veggies, but not too many, only 8 dollars worth of fresh or frozen a month. a mini loaf of bread, peanut butter, brown rice, dry beans, milk, two boxes of cereal... yea, it isnt much.

Also, work is messing up on stuff for me, so that is stressful enough that I don't even want to talk about it.

But still, my sweetie is the best. He just ran out to go pick up Chinese food for me! <3 him SO MUCH!!!

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