Wednesday, May 26, 2010

39 weeks

Officially 39 weeks today and I am ready for this munchkin to make his appearance!

Starting to get those random "have you had him yet?" phone calls, which just crack me up, since I will certainly tell the whole world that he is here when he does show up. Between the phone, e-mail, Facebook and here, I can assure everyone that NO ONE will not know he is here before a week goes by. Unless they live under a rock or don't check their e-mails.

I can not believe that there is only a week to go, one way or another. It feels like it has been forever! And still thinking of a whole week feels like it will never be here, still!

But I really do hope that he will get here on his own before June 2nd. Not just for my level of patience, but simply because all the stuff I hear says that induction is a lot more painful than just having labor start on its own.

If there was a real way to start it, I would do it, but all the ways people say work when you look online are all just lame. None of them will work for real, and some of them are just dangerous. Why put yourself and your baby at risk just cause you can't wait? I might be out of patience, but I want him here safe and sound.

He is out of room and totally strong, those little shoves and kicks are painful now! At least I know he is healthy, with each one of those shoves that make me catch my breath and wince I know he is strong and healthy and he will be here soon.


  1. I have purposely not called, though I've been tempted! I remember what it was like to have people look at me and ask, "Haven't you had that baby yet?" Where's your sign . . .

    You're right about induction being more difficult, but it is faster. I do hope he comes before the 2nd. Ted thinks it will be today. I was wrong about the date, I hope he is right!

    Mama J

  2. Well I hope Ted is right too! I was up until 5:00 this morning with mini contractions but nothing that would turn into anything real.

    Today is also picked by my mom, and my friend Michelle. Maybe they will be right. I think its kinda fun to have people guessing the date.


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