Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I got a phone call today from the Providence Imaging Department, apparently I missed my appointment yesterday for an AFI. (an AFI is just an abbreviation for a bunch of fancy words meaning Ultrasound to look at amniotic fluid...)

But here is the catch... I didn't even KNOW I had an appointment! After a very confusing call to the Providence Maternal Care Clinic, I got everything straight. Apparently they wanted to do the AFI a week earlier than I had been told, so they made the appointment for me. The only person they didn't remember to tell was ME! oops!

So since they wanted it done this week, not next week, I had to reschedule. I go in tomorrow at 7:45 in the morning. And of course since these hips hurt and there is a baby in my pelvis I am doing the Arthritic Penguin Waddle, but I get to add a full bladder to that, since you have to go to the ultrasound with one of those too.

Thankfully they quickly do the part that requires the full bladder then let you run frantically to the bathroom before continuing the ultrasound.

In other news, I got my craft table finally! Dan and I went to Walmart and found exactly what I wanted, a folding card table. And for 20 dollars, you can't beat that! So tomorrow my project for the day will be cleaning the boxes out of that corner of the dining area and getting to move all my wire and beads and crafting stuff over to the table and off of our coffee table.

I am going nuts with the living room being in a state of limbo, somewhere between study, work area and living room all at once. I want it to LOOK like a normal living room! Plus once I get the table where it belongs I can move some other things around, unpack the last few boxes and then have a home for the baby swing!

That will be nice to finally get out of the nursery so the door can open all the way.

Will update tomorrow on the AFI and if I hear anything about how he is doing!

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