Friday, May 21, 2010

Two weeks

Well, I got the news today that if he does not show up on his own by my due date, they will induce him. So no matter WHAT happens, I know what day he will be here at the latest.

Of course I hope he decided to show up all on his own, but we shall see.

They also reduced the medication I am on for the gestational diabetes, I no longer take it in the morning. It was doing more harm than good, messing up my blood sugars around lunch, making them too low.

And as far as I know I am not going to have to worry about possible preeclampsia anymore. I think if my test said I had any signs of it, they would have called me to tell me. But I will call in tomorrow and check anyways. Besides, they were supposed to schedule the induction today as well, but they never called.

I will just have to track someone down tomorrow about it all.

So, 12 days. It will happen within 12 days.

I hope it starts on its own. I can not wait to meet my little guy!

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