Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Left?

So, to all the moms out there...

Here is the list of things we have for this little guy for the first few weeks, what else would you suggest getting before he gets here? I am sure we will find things we need once he is here, but I want to make sure we have the basics covered.

* 6 newborn sized onesies
* a bunch of socks
* some thinner fleece blankets, as well as heavier blankets
* three sleepers
* two swaddlers
* mittens to prevent scratches
* baby nail clippers
* baby wipes
* cloth diapers and disposable ones too
* stroller and car seat (on the way)
* bassinet
* crib
* changing table
* shirts, pants, hats
* music CD's
* thermometer
* wash cloths
* towels
* two bouncy seats, plus a swing
* Boppy pillow for help with nursing or sitting/leaning support
* nursing bras and pads for mom
* cotton balls and alcohol for cleaning the umbilical stump
* lots of love

Anything that you moms found essential that I might have missed?

I even have planned ways to make sure I can get a shower or bath while no one else is home to help me with him... (portable chairs that can sit on the bathroom floor. I'm sure I can grab a 5 minute shower while he sits in there with me.)

I have a great support team who are all just a phone call away... some of whom can even come over and help if I need it.

Oh, and I have a camera for getting pictures, it just eats batteries like a kid eats cookies.

I have all the stuff they suggest mom gets for MOM as well... personal care stuff... thats all stashed in the linen closet or under the bathroom sink.

I have tons of clean pajamas and a husband who does the laundry... so thats all fine and dandy. I have a guest bed set up with clean blankets and sheets for guests who come to help and need to stay. Or just want to stay...

I have all the gear suggested for nursing him... pump, storage bags, bottles... JUST IN CASE... But according to all the guides on that stuff you shouldn't use it (or need it) for the first few weeks. Some weird thinking about Nipple Confusion. Seriously I have my doubts that it even exists, but why risk it when feeding him should be simple.. and if its not... well, I am prepared for that too.

I went out shopping today to get some of those last minute things... the thermometer, the wipes, the floating octopus that tells you if the bath water is too hot or too cold... the baby sunscreen for his first outings, the diaper pins just in case...

We have outlet covers and cupboard lockers to install. I think I might make that a Daddy Job...

I worry that Dan feels kinda useless right now. He helped me put together the furniture, helped me pick out babies onesies and socks, comes to almost all of the Dr. appointments with me (which earns him MASSIVE kudos from the midwives, they love him!), but until the little guy gets here his only job (until labor) is to listen to me whine about being sore and tired. And he does that SO WELL! but I don't want him to feel like there is nothing he can do to help. But maybe he is just tired from working so much and is glad for the last few days of rest before his life gets turned on its head.

I wonder if either of us can really prepare for how much everything will change. We both have taken care of baby animals. Kittens, Puppies..... but even being needy, they are nothing like a baby.

I've heard it said that moms become moms when they find out they are pregnant, but dads don't become dads until they see their baby actually in this world. I wonder how much both of us will change when this little guy gets here. What priorities will be re-arranged, what arguments might come up, what tender moments will bring us both to tears, what will we THINK about this little guy who has been working on getting here for so long?

Both of us agree on so much about raising a child. It is truly amazing how much Dan and I really do think alike and have in common. I knew I picked out a great guy, but seriously, this is like a story... a fairy tale... I just hope that once you toss another person into the mix it stays this good. But I think it will... we both would rather meet in the middle than argue, we both want this to be wonderful forever... neither of us have lost any of our own selves in the other person, we both remain individual people, we just happen to be traveling the same road in life and are doing it together.

I guess the next step is just to wait and see. To keep on greeting each day with love and smiles and compassion and patience. And to make sure we both get to voice our concerns and have them get talked about and keep communicating.

I think we all will be just fine. We have everything ready... we just need the baby to show up! Come on little guy! Time to come say hi to the world!

I don't want to wait 3 more weeks. I have so many kisses saved up for you, so many things to show you, and I think your daddy might pop if you don't get here soon! I know I feel like I could pop, but thats more when you jab those little knees into my belly button......

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