Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I dread bed time. Sure, it starts off ok. Settle in, get comfy, get up to pee, get comfy again... start to doze off, wake up cause I got kicked in some internal organ.

But then I finally fall asleep, and wake up in pain. My hips feel like they are trying to dislocate themselves! They hurt so badly, I have to turn over each time I wake up. It hurts to stand up from laying down.

I roll over and whimper as I move.

I shouldn't complain, I know this will pass, but oooooh does it hurt! I have even tried taking Tylenol before bed, but it does me little good.

Each day I walk and hurt, sit and hurt, stand up and hurt. I think something is gnawing on my tail bone, my inner thighs feel like some wild animal shredded them to ribbons... but I can deal with this... sit on a hot pack, go take a hot bath, put a pillow under me... its the sleeping thing that is killing me.

I sleep in little bits now. I will go to bed at midnight and sleep until 10 in the morning simply because I just can not get enough sleep in one cycle to feel rested.

Perhaps this is just prep for the first few months when I will be up every couple hours to feed and change the little guy. But at least then the pain I am in should be getting a little BETTER each day, I swear this kind of pain is getting worse.

The midwives all say its pretty normal for some people.

I did feel GREAT when I went swimming, 2 hours in the pool being pain free and weightless was lovely, but when the time came to get out it was kinda like having a sack of bricks put onto my body as I heaved my beached whale feeling self up those steps. The weight all came back at once and I swear I waddled like an arthritic penguin to the changing room only to stand in the hot shower until I could manage to lift my feet with them dragging and go try to get into my clothes.

But we are going again on Wednesday. Those two hours of time in the water felt like a gift from the most loving deity in all of creation. I could have fallen asleep if I thought I might not drown doing it.

In all this time I spend not sleeping I have watched 5 seasons of Bones, 3 seasons of Heroes, 2 seasons of Castle, 5 full length movies, and I am about to start watching season 1 of CSI... I have crocheted through so much yarn that I made 10 unique blankets, 4 pairs of baby booties, 3 scarves, about 8 hats, one bag, one pillow, 3 dog/cat toys and I have two more blankets in the works... three if you count the one that I can't finish until I buy more yarn. Oh, and two wash cloths out of the ends of some yarn balls. I will have gifts to give new munchkins for a long time, and my boy will have some really pretty blankets!

Maybe I should try to sell some of them on Etsy... ? who knows. I also made up a pattern to make a baby hat that has pointed cats ears on it. Its really cute!

But more than I want to finish those blankets, more than I want to find out what happens next in all my shows, more than anything, I want to sleep. I want to go to bed and not wake up and have to turn over and whimper while I am doing it.

I can not WAIT until my little guy gets here, I bet I will sleep more in the first two weeks of him being here than in the last month of carrying him.

Oh, and plus, once he DOES make an appearance here, he no longer will be able to pull that little trick where he curls his feet around my ribs and uses them to push his head down then punch me in the spleen with his fists. Maybe he will be a kung-fu master, maybe he will be a gymnast, maybe he will be a side show strong man.... either way, he is working on his movement skills with dedication and force!

Please oh please, just let me get some sleep my body! I know you are being taken over by alien forces, but can we just leave the hips out of the story for one night?


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