Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So far, so good!

Had another NST yesterday. All went well!

His heart rate is fine, he is measuring at the correct size. My blood pressure was a LITTLE bit high, so they ran some blood tests, but EVERYTHING IS PEACHY!

Today we are supposed to get the first delivery of diapers. I will have to break out a stuffed animal or something to practice on.

And lets see... the big exciting event for the day, woo hoo, wait for it..... Grocery Shopping! Yea... I am that bored. A trip to the store is something big.

Tomorrow I think I might go out to Babies R Us and pick up some wipes, diaper pins, a thermometer... Ok, now there is a debate. Its good to know what your munchkins temp is and know what it SHOULD be... so that you don't panic over nothing, but also so you know what is something to worry about.

I think one of those ear thermometers will be fine. Daddy doesn't wanna do rectal temps and I can't say that I blame him. I don't think I am too keen on the idea of doing that to my poor little munchkin either. It can't be a happy feeling as a baby to be turned over and have a stick stuck in your tushy.

But there are these supposedly accurate head thermometers now, that you put across the forehead.

I suppose it doesn't matter in the end, as long as you use the thing a few times and see what a normal temp for your kiddo is and work from that. I will just see what is available and what seems the fastest and easiest. The last think you need to do with a sick kid is try to wrestle them down to figure out their temperature.

So... what else... Besides me wanting him here and having NO PATIENCE, everything else is normal.

I'm getting more stretch marks. I thought I had gotten off easy, but now there are more of them showing up. Thin ones, but still... And at night he starts shoving around a lot and it puts some painful pressure on my poor abdomen! He really only does that at night. It feels kinda like he is working on turning around in there. Not heads up or down, just head in or out... strange to feel.

This really has been such an interesting experience. I'm sure I will write more profound things about it later on. Right now I am without patience and just want him here. It feels like I have been waiting forever!

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