Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Night Less...

Well I survived the first night of trying not to worry myself to pieces.

Trying to not worry, I distracted myself by making a chain mail necklace. Cutting each link individually and putting them all together. Oh, and making each link by spinning wire around a rod. The whole project took maybe 3 hours, but it was 3 hours that I wasn't thinking about problems. I might make another one today. I have silver and blue and green wire to use. Maybe these would sell online.....

And then this morning I woke up to find a small miracle, All of the cats, co-existing peacefully on the couch together. Its kinda like something really amazing happened to get Katchoo (The grey one) and Tulip (The tabby) to be close to each other. Johnny, (the white and grey/cream one) has never had a problem with any other kitty. He just wants to play.

And one more picture... the day that we got the cloth diapers I wanted to practice putting them on something, since I had never used cloth diapers before... so I diapered a stuffed bear. It looked cute. And that was my first attempt.

Thankfully Kathy sent us some diaper wraps which will make this whole process MUCH easier once he gets here. Those don't even require pins! (Even though I got some, just in case!)

I guess that is the name of the game until I get some news. Just distract myself. I have a blanket I am making for a friend that I can work on, and jewelry to make... I think I am liking making chain mail again, for a while it seemed too tedious, but I think that is exactly the type of thing I need to be doing right now.

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