Monday, May 31, 2010

less than 48 hours!

In some ways knowing when he will be here for sure is kind of nice, I know I won't have to be waiting past June 2nd. He will be here...

But there is still a huge part of me that wants him to decide to show up on his own. I want him to get the whole thing started... not have it started for me with an IV line and a synthetic hormone.

But he is running out of time to make that choice. I know everything will be ok either way, and I know why they want to induce him and it makes sense and is medically necessary and reasonable.

I was kinda hoping to have a more natural birth though, have it start naturally anyways. Who knows what I would have wanted once it got started... I am making sure not to have any real expectations besides the end result. I have hopes, but if things need to change in the middle, they can, and I won't be sitting there being all weepy about not having the birth of my dreams. Its the end result that matters anyways. Him being here all happy and healthy and cute and squishy.

Either way, not much more time left. And I am SO EXCITED to get to meet my little guy!!!!!!!!!!!

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