Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Belly

A few people who are not on Facebook have been wanting to see the belly picture...

So, here you go!

Taken a couple weeks ago. I want to get one more set taken before he gets here!

You can see the beginning of his wall collage, which is going to be a collection of creative things family and friends give us for him. (If you have something to add to it, send it along! Letters, drawings, photographs, anything I can point out to him and say Look who made that! You can be creative too!)

I go in for an AFI Ultrasound tomorrow to check on him and see how he is doing, I will post an update after that! Its not a normal ultrasound, they just are going to check on the amount of amniotic fluid he has available to him, which will help us estimate his size and if I should be induced or not. Maybe I will get another picture of him to share... One can always hope!

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