Friday, May 28, 2010

On the road

Well, my mom is on the road heading up here to Oregon to be here for the birth of her grandson.

I am just counting down the hours. The minutes... seconds anyone?

Was having some cramps today and lower back pain, and of course all the info says these lovely things are just my body getting ready for labor. At least I know the end will be worth it!

Not too much else to talk about. All was well at his last appointment and thats that until he either shows up on his own or Wednesday gets here.

I am just killing time... I would be crocheting, but my shoulder is acting up so that has become a bit painful to do.

Oh, but I do need to go water my tomato plants.

Baby Boy has been being cute too, shoving his little butt out to the side of my belly button, making me look lopsided and funny. At least its a CUTE butt! (I hope.... I'm sure it is)

I'm not really worried about much anymore. Just 4 more days either way. Labor doesn't scare me. After all the trials and pain I have been through with this so far knowing that no matter how much it hurts, its the END of it all. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Just part of another day to keep myself busy, then my mom will be here and that will help pass the time. Oh, and she can help me do some last minute shopping. We are dangerously low on toilet paper and cat food. Two things that we do NOT want to be out of! Especially when I get home from the hospital, the last thing I want to think about is being low on anything.

Ok, tomato watering time... then I am going to relax and watch some tv shows and try to kill a few more hours before bed.

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