Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All is well

Apparently I was just being paranoid. But its ok, they reassured me that that is my job and its all ok.

We decided to take care of the normal visit while I was there. So the AFI result are fine, actually his fluid level is on the high side of normal.

They did a quick exam and swab for a kind of bacteria that some people have that is normal, but might be bad for baby and would require me to be on antibiotics a while before labor, we should get the results in 3 days.

Also, the midwife checked on some other stuff and I am doing about what is normal, dilated to 1cm and thats perfectly normal at this point. It just means my body is getting ready to have him.

They are thinking that the reason for less movements is simply he doesn't have room to do the big kicks anymore and its down to more shoves and knees and elbows. But still, that it was better to go in and get it checked out since it concerned me.

So everything is fine! He could get here any time really... any day now and he would be considered full term. I am just so glad he is ok.

Still have bi-weekly NST's and weekly AFI's scheduled, we finally got that scheduling mess all fixed and I have 4 weeks worth of appointments made. I am just so happy... I can not wait to see him, to meet him... and right now I think the worry came cause of all these tests, I think they got me concerned for him so I was taking my worry a bit too far.

It will be better for HIM if I can relax about it all, so I am going to just try to chill out.

I have a plan to make a crocheted bag to fill with a couple of small crochet projects (like booties, or a baby blanket) to take to my appointments and work on there. I need to find some way to kill the time since Mondays will be filled with a lot of waiting apparently.

We are going to stick to our plan and go swimming tonight, just like last week. The two hours of being weightless does wonders for my body and my mood, I think I need that after today.

It is so weird, after hearing those simple words about my body getting ready for having him it suddenly feels like I really AM in the home stretch. It's down to less than one full month to his due date. While the online calculator tells me June 4th, the one at the Clinic says it is June 2nd. Either way, less than 30 days till D-day. And he could get here earlier, or later, or he still could wind up being induced if things take a turn for the downhill side.

I'm feeling really excited and hopeful, glad that things are ok. Glad that no one was irritated by my worry.

Well, I am going to go curl up and waste some time before swimming tonight. More to come soon, and for sure an update on Monday after the next NST.

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