Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Distance Viewing

Ok guys... It turns out that my idea of putting a web cam in his ROOM will not work.

We got to thinking about the logistics of it and running a USB cable from his room to the living room where the computers are... Well, that cable would cost more than the web cam itself and would have to be attached to the ceiling. We would need a distance of about 40-50 feet worth of cable to run it from the wall in his room to my computer. Not impossible, just... not in the budget right now.

SO! What I will do INSTEAD, so that you all who are far away still get to see him, is that we will get a web cam, but we will be putting it in a more normal place, my desk. That way we can record video for e-mail, we can set up live video chat with relatives and also make video calls through a program like Skype. Or I remember there being another good video chatting program.... I will have to do some research.

It might happen later on that we will come across the money needed to set up a live feed online of a play area for him or something else cute like that, but right at this moment in time it isn't going to happen.

I also have a nice little video camera that I can record with and get higher quality video and get that onto the computer as well with a little work.

We will make sure that everyone gets to see all kinds of important things in his life. Like Daddy's first time feeding him, Daddy's first time burping him, Daddy's first time getting spit up down his back... Mommy's first time trying to give him a bath with actual soap, Mommy's first time trying to fit him into clothes other than a onesie when he is squirming, Mommy giving up on keeping socks on those little feet... Or the moment I know will come, when Johnny the Cat decides that baby socks are the BEST TOYS EVER and grabs one to run off with. All those wonderful moments you want to share with the world.

We will make sure that even people far away get to see the newest member of their family when he gets here. I don't think any mom in the world can resist showing off their little ones to an appreciative audience. I am no different.

I just want to make sure that even family far away gets to be included in his life. I have relatives that I rarely get to see, people who I am related to that I have never met, never even seen a picture of... And I am not even talking about my New Family through Dan.... I don't want my family, and HIS family to not know this little guy. Family is so important to us both, and I want to make sure everyone knows who Baby Boy Hegwood is... that he is never "you know, your cousin from Oregon" or "Dan and Jessie's little boy" but no one can put a face to him.

So when I fill your e-mail inbox with pictures and videos, show them to your family (and friends too! you have bragging rights!) who doesn't have a computer, or who's e-mail I might not have.

And yes, we will also do normal pictures too, the kind you can stick up on the fridge and take to work and put in a wallet to show off to strangers on the street!

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