Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wait for it.....

The appointment today went well! Yay.

We passed the NST just fine, even though he was being lazy.

And the midwife checked and I am 2cm dilated and she said it feels like he will be a May baby. *SQUEEEE!!!!!*

He is riding low and literally RIGHT THERE.

Tonight I've been having some pretty gnarly Braxton-Hicks contractions, they are getting pretty ouchy. I guess its just gearing me up for the real thing.

I started putting names down on my calendar for what days of this month people think he will get here. No prize if you win, just me telling you that you were right.

We got the stroller and car seat today, (Thanks Mommy!) and put the base for the car seat in the car. We got it as tight as we could, but still want to go get it checked out by people at the fire station who do that sort of thing. They are so nice, you can just go down there and they will tell you if you got it installed right.

We also had the fun of trying to put together a stroller... that took more work than I thought, and when it was done, Dan said the sweetest thing... He said "I never thought I would be this excited over having a stroller!"

He was looking at it and going "Oh neat!" and "Wow, cool!" about some of the things it does. It was so cute.

I still need to pack my bag for the hospital. Maybe thats what the little guy is waiting for. I should go do that.... then there will be nothing left to do but wait. Nothing essential that is. Maybe he wants me to finish up all the things I said I would have for him. Painting the window, making his "Shhhhh, baby sleeping" sign to put on the front door to keep people from knocking on it... Maybe I need to finish that last baby blanket I am working on for him. Ok, last two.....

Maybe I am just inventing these things in my head to keep myself amused.

My midwife today said that something I should do to keep myself sane is to try and forget for a little while each day that I am even pregnant at all. Not to the point where I go out for a spaghetti dinner or go have a drink at the bar... but long enough that I feel like ME again and not just a walking life support system. I'm not sure how to even go about doing that......

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